Warehouse Logistics Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities | Job Description and Resume Examples (2023)

Warehouse Logistics Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities | Job Description and Resume Examples (1)

Warehouse Logistics Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post discusses the job description of a warehouse logistics manager to help you learn about what the role does.

It highlights the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that commonly constitute the warehouse logistics manager work description in most organizations.

This article also gives the major requirements recruiters commonly expect applicants for the warehouse logistics manager role to have to qualify to access the position.

Please, read on to increase your knowledge of the warehouse logistics manager career:

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What Does a Warehouse Logistics Manager Do?

A warehouse logistics manager is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the storage procedure of an organization by performing duties that range from the complicated storage logistics, to keeping an eye on the warehouse workers; scheduling shifts and ensuring that staff members are adequately trained.

A warehouse logistics manager is responsible for the detailed planning, organization, management, and implementation of complex operations that are related to warehousing.

In other words, a warehouse logistics manager refers to one who is responsible for implementing and/or utilizing all the policies and procedures that are involved in warehousing, and also ensuring that the warehouse operations are running smoothly.

The warehouse logistics manager job description covers all the varied, complex factors such as organization, movements, and management involved in warehousing.

This includes the shipping and receiving of a physical directory, as well as that of more conceptual goods, including information and time.

A warehouse logistics manager may also perform other functions such as warehouse pest control, handling damaged goods, and implementing safety policies; management of human resources and overseeing customer returns.

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He/she also performs the function of processing orders, organizing the dispatch and delivery of goods, and ensuring that goods are stored safely, keeping staff fully trained and prepared for any distribution process, maintaining health and safety standards, and keeping accurate records, and managing timesheets.

A warehouse logistics manager is required to demonstrate organizational or managerial skills as warehouses are often open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so he/she must be able to maintain composure and ready to work for long hours.

A warehouse logistics manager must also demonstrate good verbal and communication skills in order to instruct employees and also file and submit reports to the upper management of his/ her organization.

He/she may also be required to take on bigger responsibilities and perform any of the duties in the department of warehousing and distribution of an organization or a business.

In terms of academic qualifications, a warehouse logistics manager is required to possess a Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, or Business Administration in order to work in the logistics industry or a management position.

Most employers also demand years of professional experience as a logistics or compliance professional in the logistics industry or related institution.

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Warehouse Logistic Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The warehouse logistic manager performs various functions in ensuring the smooth running of warehouse operations.

The typical duties, tasks, and responsibilities that make up the warehouse logistic manager job description are shown below:

  • Overseeing and monitoring of quality, quantity, stock levels, delivery times, transport costs, and efficiency
  • Organizing warehouse, categorizing goods, planning routes, and processing shipments
  • Tackling and resolving any issues or complaints that may arise
  • Supervising, coaching, and training the warehouse workforce
  • Keeping track of the cost, productivity, accuracy, and timeline targets
  • Working in conformity with laws, regulations, and policies
  • Overseeing the movement, storage, and distribution of goods or materials
  • Resolving delivery inconsistencies or delay
  • Developing an environment that fosters open and positive team communication by setting expectations, and communicating the company’s goals or objectives
  • Taking care of inquiries or compliance issues related to shipping or transportation matters
  • Ensuring that shipping documents are well kept, updated, and in compliance. Examples include cost statement, health certificates, permits, etc.
  • Working in relation to production departments, quality assurance, and supply chain analysts in the organization
  • Examining, identifying, planning and managing special logistics and warehousing processes or operations which involves ensuring that accurate and complete accounting, reporting, and internal control systems are functioning and that all relevant records are accurately maintained.

Warehouse Logistic Manager Job Description for Resume

If you have worked in the position of a warehouse logistic manager before or are holding the role presently with a company and are now writing a resume for a new job, you will need to let the recruiter know in your resume that you have the required experience of a warehouse logistic manager.

And that is by including the professional or work experience section in your resume.

In this section, you will highlight the duties and responsibilities that you have carried out or are presently performing as a warehouse logistic manager, which you can conveniently do by using the job description example provided above.

Warehouse Logistics Manager Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for Career Success

If you are seeking the job of a warehouse logistic manager, it is important to know that recruiters will want you to fulfill certain requirements to be able to access the job.

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This is to enable them find the candidates that will be effective in performing the obligations, purpose, and objectives of the warehouse logistic manager role for the organization.

Shown below are major warehouse logistic manager requirements most recruiters will expect applicants to meet to qualify for hiring:

  • Ability to handle multiple projects and also work independently
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving, self-management, and organizational skills
  • Well developed oral and written communication skills and interpersonal skills in order to effectively instruct employees, and also effectively file reports to the upper management of the organization
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Business Administration or any field related to logistics management. Several years of professional experience is also required as it can be of a crucial advantage
  • High computer literacy, which involves being able to work with Microsoft packages
  • Ability to influence individuals and teams in order to achieve set or desired goals and objectives.


If you are a recruiter or employer hiring for the warehouse logistic manager position in your organization, you will need to also publish a description of the vacant position in addition to the job advertisement.

This will help inform prospective employees of the duties and responsibilities that characterize the warehouse logistic manager role in your organization so that they can decide if they can succeed in it or not.

To help you create the perfect job description for the warehouse logistic manager position in your company, you can apply the sample job description above as a template.

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Also, if you are someone interested in the warehouse logistic manager career and want to have a deep knowledge of what they do, this post will be helpful to you.

Did you find this post helpful in learning about what warehouse logistic managers do? Please, make a comment in the box below. You may also share your job description if you work as a warehouse logistic manager.


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What are the duties and responsibilities of a logistics manager? ›

A logistics manager supervises the movement, distribution, and storage of supplies and materials in a company. They are tasked with planning routes, analyzing budgets, and processing shipments. Also known as supply chain managers, they generally form part of middle management.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a warehouse operations manager? ›

Warehouse Operations Manager
  • Accomplishes warehouse operations by recruiting, selecting, training, and coaching employees.
  • Oversees distribution, warehousing, and shipping.
  • Meets warehouse operations by forecasting requirements, preparing budgets, and scheduling expenditures.

What are the duties and responsibilities of logistics? ›

A Logistics Coordinator is responsible for overseeing all aspects of supply chain management, ensuring the flow of raw materials and final products from suppliers to retailers and customers. They also manage orders and coordinate stock of materials and equipment to ensure the company has everything needed.

How do you put logistics on a resume? ›

Pro Tip: Most of the time, your supply chain manager resume will have the logistics experience section at the top, just under your resume intro statement. If you don't have experience relevant to logistics, boost the education section to the top.

What is considered the most important responsibility a Logistics Manager has to customers? ›

Logistics managers supervise these transportation, distribution, and inventory activities for the purpose of completing the customer's order. This is their fourth responsibility, order fulfillment, and it is arguably the most important aspect of every company's business.

How do you describe a warehouse manager on a resume? ›


Efficient Warehouse Manager with 10+ years of experience in warehouse operations to meet continuous internal and customer needs. Well-coordinated and decisive leader with expertise in team building and performance optimization.

What is warehousing management in 100 words? ›

Warehouse management encompasses the principles and processes involved in running the day-to-day operations of a warehouse. At a high level, this includes receiving and organizing warehouse space, scheduling labor, managing inventory and fulfilling orders.

What are the 6 R's of logistics? ›

What are the 7 R's of logistics? ⚽ The 7 R's (or Rights) are the set of ideals and principles used by organizations that can be a foundation to be successful in the trucking and logistics industry. These are the 'right' product, quantity, condition, place, customer, time, and price.

What is an accurate description of logistics management? ›

Logistics management is the part of the supply chain process that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption to meet customer requirements.

Who is responsible for the day to day logistics operations and decision making? ›

Logistics managers are tasked with ensuring that logistics operations (such as import and export, transportation, and customer engagement) run smoothly and efficiently.

What is a good objective for a logistics resume? ›

"Talented and eager individual seeking an entry level logistics management position with Lewis and Sons where I can employ the skills and knowledge gained while earning my bachelor's in supply chain management."

What does a Logistics Manager do on a daily basis? ›

While the details of the day-to-day work in these roles will vary, they all involve overseeing the transport, storage and procurement of goods in a supply chain. Logistics managers must plan how to get the products they need to ship and then forecast the best and most efficient way to transport those goods.

What is warehouse and Logistics Manager? ›

A warehouse/logistic manager ensures the storage procedure of an organization runs smoothly. They oversee the complicated storage logistics of the warehouse and the warehouse workers. A part of their responsibility is to schedule shifts and train staff.

What a supply chain Logistics Manager is responsible for? ›

Supply Chain Managers are responsible for overseeing and managing company's overall supply chain and logistics strategy and operations in order to maximize the process efficiency and productivity. In addition, they play a crucial role in developing and maintaining good relationships with vendors and distributors.

What are the qualifications for a Logistics Manager? ›

Most logistics managers have a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as supply chain management, logistics and transportation, or business administration. Logistics managers typically have strong organizational and leadership skills.

What is logistics job in PAF? ›

The Logistics Branch is one of the principal components of the RNZAF. There is a diverse range of duties including operational logistics planning and support, supply chain and contract management, air movements and freight distribution, and distribution of aviation fuel.

What is warehouse and Logistics Manager? ›

A warehouse/logistic manager ensures the storage procedure of an organization runs smoothly. They oversee the complicated storage logistics of the warehouse and the warehouse workers. A part of their responsibility is to schedule shifts and train staff.

How do you manage logistics effectively? ›

Five tips for managing your logistics more effectively
  1. Take the time to make a solid plan. Efficient logistics is all in the planning. ...
  2. Always have a contingency plan. ...
  3. Hire a logistics manager with strong interpersonal skills. ...
  4. Automate your systems wherever you can. ...
  5. Learn from your mistakes.
17 May 2020

What is admin and special duties? ›

Basic role and task of an Admin Officer is to look after the admin tasks of the PAF base. Mostly job is related to the office work but on ground realities where problem exists, admin officer is responsible for the smooth functioning of the administration of the Base.

What is logistics management course? ›

Diploma in Logistic Management is a 1 year Diploma degree course in Business Domain. In this Course students are delivered the basic concepts in the field of logistics and shaping of the modern supply chain management.

What is the salary of PAF? ›

PAF Salary FAQs

How does the salary as a Technician at PAF compare with the base salary range for this job? The average salary for a Technician is PKR 35,000 per month in Pakistan, which is 16% higher than the average PAF salary of PKR 30,000 per month for this job.


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