Walsall 0-1 Leicester City highlights and reaction (2023)

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Leicester City's FA Cup tie at Walsall.

Brendan Rodgers takes his players across the Midlands on Saturday afternoon to the Poundland Bescot Stadium and into a first meeting with the Saddlers in 14 years, since the League One title-winning campaign. There is a spot in the last 16 of the FA Cup up for grabs.

With the Premier League campaign not going so well, the FA Cup could provide some relief for City. But they know these matches are far tougher than they are on paper, squeaking past Walsall's League Two rivals Gillingham in the previous round.

But there is good news for City ahead of the game, with Brazilian winger Tete flying in to undergo a medical. He could be the second signing of the month, with the first, Victor Kristiansen, set to get his debut on Saturday.

We are live at the Poundland Bescot Stadium to bring you action, analysis, and reaction. Kick-off is at 12.30pm, with team news expected at 11.30am.

Jordan Blackwell


"Ayo had blow on his shin and he’s quite robust, he’s a player that comes back from injuries quicker than most but he’s got a blow on his shin when he puts his foot down. We didn’t want to risk it today but hopefully he’ll be back training next week."

Jordan Blackwell


"He’s been fine, a couple of little thing off the pitch that have been difficult for him that we’ve been able to manage. He’s been first class since I came in here, trains virtually every day and is barely ever injured, he starts games, sometimes not so good, or sometimes he’s fantastic, sometimes it’s a little bit hit and miss with him but when he comes in and plays to a high level he’s a real threat. I thought he came into the game with a real fire in his belly to perform and then he’s done really well to create the goal. Day to day he’s such a great guy, low maintenance, loves his football, trains every day and he loves being at Leicester.

"For a large part of my time here Vards has been our No.1 striker, we brought Patson in who could replicate that and Kelechi is fantastic link player for us. He’s different to the other two who want to run in behind, he can come underneath and set the game up and he does that to a good level, he’s a really good player."

Jordan Blackwell


"Yeah, he needs his football fitness now. Training the last little bit but he’s such a big talent for us and when he’s on the pitch anything can happen, he’s such a big talent. Just trying to get him up to speed and this was a great chance for him."

Jordan Blackwell


"I started this chat two years ago. I don’t know what can happen my focus is on who’s here and see what happens. He’s only got a number of months left on his contract and this has been going on for two years not going to continue speculating now see what happens."

Jordan Blackwell


"There might be one or two going out but nothing to report at the minute."

(Video) Iheanacho Drags Leicester Through | Walsall 0-1 Leicester City | Instant Match Reaction

Jordan Blackwell

Tete, anything you can say?


Jordan Blackwell

Defensive signing?

“If we can. The recruitment team have been working really hard, as well as Jon Rudkin to try to close out one or two things. We’ll see what we can do.”

Jordan Blackwell

New additions?

“We’re hoping. The club are working hard to do that, to get some attacking options for us. If we can do that, I’ll be really pleased. It’s going to be a really demanding next part of the season. To have those attacking options, that will help us elsewhere in the team. I’ll be really delighted."

Jordan Blackwell

More options with players back from injury?

“That’s what you’re looking for. You want that depth. You see Victor come in and the profile he gives the team straight away, his running power, and how he serves the ball. We’re still light. If we can get Bouba Soumare back, and Wilf, that will really help us. That then gives strength to the bench as well. It’s important for any team to have that depth."

Jordan Blackwell

Maddison got kicked?

“He’s that type of player, but it usually only happens to top players. He’s a top player.”

Jordan Blackwell


“I was really pleased. It was getting him onto the pitch as it’s a long time since he’s been out there. He’s worked hard and got a good 60 minutes, which was the plan. We saw how he was at half-time. He has a way to go yet in terms of his football fitness."

Jordan Blackwell

(Video) Walsall vs Leicester City 0-1 Live Stream FA Cup Football Match Today Commentary Score Highlights


“He’s just overstretched in training and felt something. It’s at the top of his glute. It’s not too dissimilar to what KDH had. He’ll be out for a few weeks.”

Jordan Blackwell

More starts for Iheanacho?

"He will get more game time with Vards out for a few weeks. It depends on the type of game we are looking to play. If I start him or bring him off the bench, he can make a big impact, some players have that. Maybe because he’s not been a starter for so many teams, when he gets his chance in the FA Cup, he takes his chance and he scores. He has made a great impact in the competition since I've been here.”

Jordan Blackwell

Iheanacho does it again?

“The last time he was scoring we won the FA Cup, so hopefully it’s an omen. The guys who came off the bench made a big impact for us. Dennis was excellent as well. Victor you see the running power and the quality and composure he has in his 30 minutes. Kels can give you that, dropping into the space and providing a good platform for us.”

Jordan Blackwell


“We’ve seen it in the last round, the difficulties these sorts of games can provide. I always try to respect the competition. We put out a strong side today. Walsall, they’ve only lost one of their last 13, so you give them huge credit. Micky has done an excellent job. It was going to be a real good test for us. I thought we were good in the second half, the method to our game was better. We just adapted a couple of things at half-time. We were too much to the ball and not into the space (in the first half). Then we started to threaten a bit more. I though the attitude of the players was very good.”

Jordan Blackwell

Rodgers has been in for his press conference

Updates will follow.

FTJordan Blackwell

Full-time: Walsall 0-1 City

Iheanacho sends City through to the FA Cup last 16 in what was a decent performance. The chances were there for a few more.

90 minJordan Blackwell

Four minutes added

All the chances are going City's way at the moment. They should see this one out.

(Video) Walsall vs Leicester City 0-1 Highlights | FA Cup - 2022/2023

89 minJordan Blackwell

Got to score!

Kristiansen crosses low for Dewsbury-Hall and he scuffs one wide of the post.

87 minJordan Blackwell

Scare for City

A corner is cleared but then volleyed back in, and it deflects towards Iversen, who spills at the first attempt and then collects.

84 minJordan Blackwell


Dewsbury-Hall carries the ball up the whole of the pitch and crosses to Tielemans, who provides one of the silkiest lay-offs you'll see all season to set up Barnes, but his shot is blocked.

Then Praet wins the ball back and crosses low to Iheanacho, who shoots straight at Evans! Big chance for a second that.

80 minJordan Blackwell

City looking comfortable

There's been very little goalmouth action since Iheanacho scored, but City are so far seeing this one out fairly comfortably.

They've dealt with the long throws and anything else Walsall have thrown at them.


GOAL!!! Iheanacho does it again!

Mr FA Cup puts City ahead!

He's only been on the pitch six or seven minutes, but he drops deep and receives a disguised pass from Mendy, drops his shoulder and fires a dipping shot over Evans from 20 yards. Replays show it took a wicked deflection.

60 minJordan Blackwell

Triple sub for City

Kristiansen is on for debut as he replaces Thomas.

Iheanacho is on for Daka as well, with Praet coming on for Maddison.

(Video) "We Want To Go As Far As We Possibly Can Again" - Brendan Rodgers | Walsall vs. Leicester City |

56 minJordan Blackwell


It's a brilliant double save by Evans as Tielemans wins the ball back and then shoots from 25 yards, the Walsall keeper getting down to save.

Daka is first to the rebound, but Evans blocks him out.

55 minJordan Blackwell

Barnes denied

Dewsbury-Hall wins the ball back and fires a cross into Barnes. His touch takes him wide, but he still gets a shot in, and Evans has to save with his legs.


Penalty missed! Tielemans hits the post

No! Tielemans goes low to the goalkeeper's right and it bounces off the post and away.

That's acted a huge boost for the home side's crowd, and they have their best chance of the game immediately afterwards, with a cross coming in after Thomas is tackled, and with Williams volleying over.

47 minJordan Blackwell

Penalty to City!

Daka nips in after a cross is only half-cleared and he's clattered by a Walsall man. The referee awards a free-kick, but the assistant advises that it's a penalty.

46 minJordan Blackwell

Second half starts

No changes. City now shooting towards their own fans.

HTJordan Blackwell

(Video) Sutton 0-1 Walsall instant reaction plus footage of Shade's winner

Half-time: Walsall 0-0 City

It's goalless, but it's been okay from City. They were under pressure in the first 10 minutes, but since then, they've moved the ball well and created a couple of half chances for themselves.


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